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  Spiritual leaders of all generations have agreed upon the importance of daily Bible reading as a vital means of growth and maturity in Christ Jesus. Many Bible-readers have wished for a method that would help them with the discipline of a regular, systematic study of the LORD our God's inspired Word.

  Within these pages are texts for each month divided into daily readings. For each day there is a portion of the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Psalms, and Proverbs.

  The stories in the Bible tell how the LORD our God relates in his love and faithfulness to you and me in everyday life. Even though many people today seem to think the Scriptures are outdated, human behavior, faith, strength, emotions, desires, and needs have not changed throughout human history. In the Scriptures you will find people struggling, rejoicing, crying, fighting, battling, plotting, being greedy and selfish, loving and caring exactly as we find today.

  Even though modern humanity has done much through science and technology, basic human nature still has not changed much through the centuries. The whole gamut of human life is portrayed in Scriptures.

  May the LORD our God richly bless you as you daily feed your soul with his Living Holy Word. Amen

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